Making The Chorus Bigger: Drop The Bass!

Guitar Strings.jpg

In our new series Making The Chorus Bigger we will examine numerous ways to get your chorus to get to the size you want it to be. We will examine the many tricks that can be utilized to make this happen.

In our studio we are constantly looking for that rush of a big chorus. One of the details I watch bands miss in this department, is the voicing of the bass. One of the best tricks for making a chorus bigger is to not use the E string (or whatever your thickest string is tuned to) till you get to the chorus. What this means is staying off the E string in the Verse and any part right before the Chorus. The lower notes will fill out the bottom end helping to make the chorus big. Obviously this does not work in every song, and occasionally you can still use the E string as long as you save the lower or open notes for the chorus. Obviously this technique can be applied to making any part bigger or smaller and is not limited to the chorus.

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