Making A Wikipedia Page For Your Music

Having a Wikipedia entry is great, not only does it make you feel like you are important it also ensures that when potential fans or journalists look you up you will be easy to find, at the top of Search Engine results. This also means there is a catch – you need to be important. Wikipedia wants you to be able to link news articles and show that you are a relevant part of the zeitgeist. In fact, you should make sure you explain why people would know you very fast in your entry.

Once you feel you have reached a point of notoriety where you should be written about, you can then look up Wikipedia’s writing guidelines. That or you can spare yourself that boring task and read some other band’s pages and copy and paste your information into the format Wikipedia likes to see. They are quite picky in the Ivory Tower of information so give this you’re all. It also helps to have been a part of the Wikipedia community, if this is your first entry and you have not added little things to other entries, they get pretty suspicious and it is very likely this hard work will be for not. Below are some tips to help make sure your entry gets approved.

1. Cite sources! You need to be able to point to interviews or articles for biographical information.Dates, awards and significant events (not you and the bassist meeting at a strip club, more like when you got naked at a show and it made the evening news) with dates and links really, really help this to get past the inspectors.
2. Fill out discography and members section with ACCURATE AND DETAILED information.
3. Use the External links section to link your various social networks and website.
4. Do not write from the perspective of a band member, they want this page to be written as if an outside fan or journalist wrote it.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • Happy Harry

    Or… don’t be a spammer & read Wikipedia’s policy on autobiographies:

    If you’re a band or musician that’s truly notable, someone else will care enough to write an entry about you. 

  • RickstarGuitarist

    I helped a band we toured with get on Wikipedia. They spend months and months researching and uploading new content, only to get knocked back. I think the company they used were called Wizards of Wiki, some neat guys who know their stuff about getting musician pages accepted onto Wikipedia. Just my 2 cents, but they’re worth checking out