Make Your Project Happen With

Kickstarter_logo.jpgWe heard about in a story about independent folk artist Laura Meyer, where we discovered she was using the site a fundraiser for her new record.  How does it work?  People “pledge” money to your specific project and only pay if your goal is reached.  So for example, Laura’s goal is 5k for her album, so if only $4999.99 is pledged, no money will be collected.  Currently, Kickstarter is free, minus the fees to process the credit cards (which is done through Amazon but is also currently free until July 15th!)  Kickstarter allows you to keep a blog page where you can provide updates to fans or this interested in your project.  This could be a great new way to raise money for records or whatever other music project you may have!  To learn more about exactly how it works, check here