Make Your Cover Song Count

Covering other popular songs has been a HUGE part of music for as long as we can remember. Many artists get their big break with a cover song (either a live or studio version). While a great way to showcase your talent, pay homage to artists you appreciate and take advantage of people already knowing the song you are covering, there are some important things to remember.
From our perspective, their are only two ways to do a cover: a close reading of the original or a complete revamp. The middle-ground is where all danger lies (how many people can sing like Jim Morrison yet how many dozens of people have attempted to play “Crystal Ship” and failed miserably?)
One of our favorite examples of someone getting it right is the CocoRosie version of Kevin Lyttle’s
“Turn Me On”.

The CocoRosie version is slower, sexier and more intimate. The Kevin Lyttle song was a club hit and has a completely different feel, yet you can hear that the gals in CocoRosie actually respect the song they are performing. A perfect cover and one of the best songs CocoRosie has ever done. Below is Kevin on TOTP.


  • apell

    I myself have recorded a completely different sounding cover version of Neil Young’s “Dont Let It Bring You Down” done in a drum’n'bass / downtempo / electroncia style with female vocals. You can check it out here