Make More Twitter And Facebook Friends With Your Mailing List


From time to time bands write in and ask us for help getting some things done. We always try to help and then report back to everyone on here. Yesterday Greensboro, NC finest, We Are Masked, wrote in to find out if there was a way to get the fans in their mailing list on Fanbridge to be imported into their Twitter friends. I suggested that they export their mailing list as a .CSV file and then import that into a Gmail account and then add all of their Gmail contacts to Twitter (this technique works on Facebook, Myspace and plenty of other social networks). They took this one step further and made a new gmail and imported the contacts from there in order to not have a massive contact list in their Gmail of people they won’t ever contact. Good thinking! This technique will work on most mailing list management systems and most email systems, but Gmail makes it much easier.

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