Keeping It Together: Spend Time Together Outside Of The Band Room

bandmates_hanging_out.jpgSometimes the hardest part of being in a band isn’t the music – it’s just getting along.  In our new series titled Keeping It Together, Musformation explores ways to keep your band from killing each other and better yet, actually getting along so you can create incredible music together.

Unlike some, I’m lucky enough to live with my bandmates (and yes, we actually get along).  While that might sound horrible to some people, I’ve found after years of experience that for now, it’s necessary.  Staying friends or at least friendly with each other and staying focused on the band’s goals is a lot easier if you’re living together.  Yet even if you don’t live together, just doing things that aren’t band related (like eating, drinking or hanging out together) can do wonders for your band.  I often find that when my band is fighting in the band room, it usually means we’ve been living our lives too separately and not bonding outside of the music.  If you have a recent (pleasant) memory of slamming down PBR’s and chasing girls at a bar with your bass player  it’s going to be a lot easier to forgive him when he forgets to come in at the chorus than if you haven’t seen him in two weeks.  Some smart bands even go so far as to plan a regular meal together or go out drinking as a group (away from girlfriends and other distractions).   Your band mates might never be your best friends, but to get along musically it sure helps if you try and create some quality time with them, if nothing else, than for the sake of the music.  Sometimes the rapport you generate just by goofing off together will certainly add to your musical chemistry later on.