Keep Records Of Everything On The Road

logbook1web2.jpgIt’s going to be
hard for you to tell if you’re breaking even on tour if you don’t know
how much you’re spending. As much of a pain in the ass as it is to keep
an Excel sheet, Google Spreadsheet or notebook full of all that data, it
can really be helpful in showing you were you’re hemorrhaging money.
Make notes on how much you spend for food, gas, repairs, and any other
incidentals. Keeping good accounting can insure that you don’t end up on
the side of the road in Wichita, Kansas trying to get your Mom’s credit
card number so you can buy your band a Happy Meal to split between the
four of you. Good records let you know what you’re doing right and
wrong. Is your van actually getting good gas mileage or should perhaps
refrain from running the AC unit 12 hours a day when it’s not even that
hot outside?  The only way you’ll ever know and be able to make
adjustments is to keep accurate records from the beginning.