Keep Guitar Cable Runs Short On Stage For Less Noise Avoiding Buying Gates And Noise Suppressers


Astute commenter Eric Schnare pointed out a very good consideration in our post about Straight Pedal Couplers. He said:

“For all tone buffs out there, the max amount of shielded (guitar) cable
you can run is 30ft before getting some signal loss. Using couplers
cuts down on all the in between footage and allows you to run proper
cable length.
Planet Waves makes really good (a little pricey depending on where you
buy) couplers and also offers offset ones encase you’re running
anything other than ibanez or boss pedals.”

This is a great tip for everyone out there and we would like to add to it that we often see musicians buying Noise Suppression and Noise Gate pedals unnecessarily when really they need to simply use shorter cable runs with better shielding and dial their gain better.

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