Jay-Z Kills AutoTune With New Single “D.O.A. (Death Of AutoTune)”

As a regular listener of NYC’s hip hop station Hot97, I have figured out it usually takes two hours before you hear a song without AutoTune played on the station these days. Jay-Z has come out on guns blazing against the trend. He first announced that he tightened the leash on Kanye’s production to not allow any AutoTune on his new record last week. He has now upped the ante and named his first single “D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune)” All I can say is DAMN! This is probably the largest stance taken against a production trick of all time. Though many will argue it is needed, seeing as AutoTune has increasingly become a deal breaker as to whether some with a more refined taste can listen to a song. I know a lot of us are hoping this is indeed the new Blueprint. Funkmaster Flex premiered the song just a little while ago. I am sure it will be on every radio station in America by Monday. We will try to update this thread with a link ASAP. The lyrics are after the jump.

“Only rapper to re-write history without a pen/No I.D. on the track let the story begin, begin, begin/This is anti-autotune/Death of the ringtone/This ain’t for iTunes/This ain’t for sing-a-longs/This is [Frank] Sinatra
at the opera/Bring a blonde, preferably with a fat a** who can sing a
song/Wrong, this ain’t politically correct/This might offend my
political connects/My raps don’t have melodies…May get your chain
token/May do it myself, I’m so Brooklyn/I know we facin’ a recession,
but the music y’all makin’ gon’ make it the Great Depression/Or your
lack of aggression/Pull your skirt back down…This ain’t a No. 1
record/This is practically assault with a deadly weapon/I made this
just for Flex and Mister Cee, I want people to feel threatened.”


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  • wtf

    autotune isnt a trick its so obvious. except EVERY artist uses it, all of them. It can always be very hidden and make top artists sound good when they really cant sing. this “outcry” is over artists who arent trying to hide it, when it should be at the artists who sound great on the radio but cant sing live.

  • http://www.ryanpolei.com www.ryanpolei.com

    it sucks that in 20 – 30 years when people hear an autotuned song on the radio they will attribute it to my generation, much in the same way the keytar is attributed to the 80′s

  • Anonymous

    Auto tune killed the music scene.

  • Corey Y

    If you think every artist uses auto-tune to hit notes properly, you have a very narrow view of what the word “every” means.

  • http://www.millcitystudios.com ogden

    I never comment on anything, but I have to say, THANK YOU JAYZ.Rap is dying, because of ****ty rap artists using ****ty techniques like autotune.Kanye, lil wayne, t-pain, are without talent, and that is why they love autotune. **** AUTO TUNE! **** AUTO TUNE! **** AUTOTUNE! kanye is a gay fish!

  • http://schwabby.wordpress.com Aaron

    good on Jay Z. Kanye should stick to using his own voice instead of mucking it up with that overused tripe.

  • Anonymous

    Man this is just a gimmick to promote the album…..He didn’t say **** when T-Pain was making all that money with it!
    Yeah, Tell everybody its over, after we all ready know radio won’t play new over-autotuned **** rap!

  • Good Ears

    When you listen to a track you can hear the Keytar?

  • Anonymous

    it’s just a trend like all music is. it moves in fads. stop freaking out people. it will fall into the past much like gated reverb snares have with the 80′s. it isn’t ruining music, it’s just a style, and everyone is overeacting by hating on an effect.
    btw. it’s been used for many many years now in the correct way, and nobody said ish, b/c they could barely tell.
    most likely you have 20-30 albums you love that have it all over, but the engineer just knew how to use it correctly (as a tool) instead of as an effect.
    point to note- i have serious doubts that beyonce has not had to have some correction here and there (she can sing for sure, but every artist needs a little shaping here and there much like even the skinniest model gets a little airbrushing here and there). so maybe you see the irony in jay-z making a rap about how he hates it.
    it is a fad. calm down. this, too, will pass.