Jamie Thomas Case To Object To Record Companies Rights To Songs, Potential Industry Game Changer

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The Jamie Thomas case looked to be another obvious snoozer of the RIAA having their way with whatever they want. With a new legal team of Harvard students stepping into the game they have now decided to take on the legitimacy of the record companies ownership of the songs Ms. Thomas distributed on Kazaa. From a great article in The Star Tribune:

“It would mean, basically, all recording industry copyrights are
basically invalid, improperly registered and that in 2013 they will
start reverting to the artists,” Camara said. He said this would be the
first time the argument is tested in court.

Success with this argument could drastically change the music industry.

“It would significantly upset the apple cart if it were true,” said
Ben Sheffner, former copyright lawyer for Warner Bros. Records, one of
the plaintiffs represented by the RIAA. The maneuver, which Sheffner
believes won’t work, would take away not only the recording companies’
case, but perhaps its livelihood.”

While it is unlikely the judge will be sympathetic to this defense, if the judge were to come around, this could make an already damaged major label system become absolutely devastated.

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