Is Getting A Song Stuck In Your Head Really Songwriting Success?

The blog Songwriting Scene raises an interesting question – is getting a song in your head really the goal of songwriting success? They discuss some of the songs that are bound to get in your head but is that really the sign that you achieved songwriting success?

I get Gloria Estefen’s “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” in my head more then any song ever written. It is a constant plague that I find to be annoying. I cringe if I hear it and have grown to despise the song. While this may be the case I would never, ever buy or put this song on under my own free will. Since this isn’t really my style of music I find it annoying, but when I get songs in my head that are from artists and genres I enjoy I see it as a good sign. If I have Mew’s “RepeaterBeater” in my head every day though I take this as a sign that this is a great song, since it is on one of my current favorite records. If I am working with a band and their song gets stuck in my head I also take it is a good sign. But for some reason we will curse a song to high hell for it’s stickiness that we don’t think we should like. I don’t think most of my favorite songs are particularly ones that I get in my head as much as songs that just make me feel good when I hear them. If this is the case then what is getting a song stuck in your head a sign of? I have been thinking of this a lot lately and would be curious what your thoughts are on the subject? 

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