Interview With A Blogger – Laurent Hrybyk From Pasta Primavera

pasta.jpgIn our newest interview series, Interview With A Blogger,
Musformation attempts to get in the minds of music bloggers to find out
what makes them tick, how they look at music and how artists and
bloggers can better communicate.

Charm City (aka Baltimore) has long been known for it’s thriving music scene and it’s not suprising that it’s supported by one amazing blog.  Pasta Primavera is a tour deforce of relevant music and is also run by one of the nicest in the biz, Laurent Hrybyk.  This week we sat down with Laurent and got an ear full on blogging, the local Baltimore scene and the Pasta Primavera perspective on the static music today. 

1.  There are a lot of new streaming music players right now.  Which one are you guys using now and why?

jumped into the streaming music players full steam as of yet but I do
use Soundcloud the most and I’m pleased with it.  Super interested in
Spotify if it ever makes it stateside.

2. What is the ideal way that you prefer to receive submissions from bands?
used to really love getting the physical CD in the mail, but they
really pile up these days – so digital files (links to them through
email) is the best for me.

3. Besides getting submissions from the site, where are you going these days to hear about new music?

other blogs.  Especially the other local blogs.  Also friends…and
believe it or not…the radio (usually KCRW, World Cafe etc.)

4.  Bloggers are busy people who usually have other jobs/hobbies
and little time for nonsense.  What can bands do to make your job

Keep those emails short
and to the point.  And include links.  Brief description about you, and
the music.  Link to your myspace or somewhere I can listen to the music
with ease.  

5. Running a music blog is tough business – have you found a way to monetize it or is it a labor of love?

would love to live off the fruits of the blog, but it ain’t happening
anytime soon…so its a labor of love, an addiction as well.  I make a
small amount and that usually covers the hosting fees and perhaps a
drink or two at a show every once and a while.

6. Writing press releases is something most bands really struggle
with.  Any advice for them?  Things you want to see more of/less of?

can’t imagine how difficult it is to write a press release, but my
advice is to be original and true.  I’ve never really payed too much
attention to any accolades or accomplishments mentioned in a press
release – I’ve always been more interested in how a band describes
their music and the history behind it.  The “sounds like” mainstay in
most press releases is perhaps one of the most over looked things with
music blogs..  ”Sounds like Animal Collective” or “Sounds like Arcade
Fire” have popped up in an email a bazillion times.  Be original in
describing your music.

7. You’re located out of Baltimore – how much does the blog affect/interact with the scene there and the surrounding area?

much as possible.  When I’m not being lazy with it, I try to support
the local scene – whether it be mentioning some upcoming shows or some
new local bands.  I pay special attention to who is playing at each of
the local clubs at least once a week and try to keep up with it on my
online concert calendar.

8. You listen to tons of new music – what have you been really excited about as of late?

friends of ours over at the blog Bmore Musically Informed have just
launched a label called Friends Records featuring Height With Friends,
Weekends, and Lands & Peoples.  All of those artists are outta
sight.  Aside from that Future Islands and Soft Cat still get a lot of
play from me (also both local bands somewhat).