Interview With A Blogger – Jasper Gape From Nerdy Frames

In our newest interview series, Interview With A Blogger,
Musformation attempts to get in the minds of music bloggers to find out
what makes them tick, how they look at music and how artists and
bloggers can better communicate.

The rise in the influence of music blogs has also raised an international issue.  It’s no longer enough to simply submit and pay attention to local or regional blogs – it’s also important to stay at pace with blogs from all over the world.  One blog that is geographically distant but often directly on the mark is Auckland, New Zealand’s Nerdy Frames.  Combining the styles of the now defunct Grand Royal and the tragically hip Vice Magazine, Nerdy Frames covers acts large and small with interviews, MP3 posts and occasionally, the best in internet gossip and memes.  We recently sat down with Jasper Gape to get the dirt on music, blogging and things in Auckland.    

1. Band bios are something many bands are always struggling with.  Can you offer any advice?
Probably the first thing I would offer, and the most oblivious of advice, is to always spell check your bios — trust us, because we read a lot of them and there is nothing more that can kill my enthusiasm for a band than bad grammar from the get go. Also, make us laugh from time to time — it pays to inject a sense of humor whether it is a bio or an email sent to us, we love fun, laugh out aloud!
2. There is so much good music out there, what really catches your eyes/ears and you want to hear more from a band?

From an eye standpoint (which still is relevant in my opinion) its how the band is aesthetically presented from the artwork to even the band itself, I love little quirks and differences when a band is presented. And with music it all depends on what type of music they play.  If it’s retro or modern it’s all about making a standout from the rest
because you may be a band that has 5 members playing instruments, but
bearing in mind that there are a million of them with your exact shtick.
Be as abnormal as a band can be and try breaking rules, I love music
rule breakers and that’s what always grabs our attention.
3. What is the single biggest mistake you see bands make when sending in material?
In this day and age it’s being sent the wrong file formats that
really get to me; I mean most indie rock bands that want to be reviewed
on Nerdy Frames say that want us to review them and they end the email
with ‘I’ll send you a high quality download for your ears only’ in which
I say ‘okay’, but when I get it, it’s the wrong bitrate! I would like
to say to bands out there that want our rawest and honest opinion….
meet us half way! We won’t give out your music on our blog unless stated
so in the email, but come on!

4.  How do you prefer bands send you music, what is your ideal submission process?
Definitely through email but I do love the extra lengths that either bands or even record companies go through just to be heard by giving us music via the snail mail with an accompanying CD. I mean remember CDs? I sure do! But at the end of the day, everyone and their cat has a computer and it’s lenient on both parties……Viva la digital!  
5. What is the most difficult problem bloggers face and is there any way bands can make it easier?
With us, it’s always living in fear of DMCA notices and wrongful copyright infringement all because music is a sensitive subject matter with corporations who worry about losing mass profits. When we started there was a rebellious streak from us to give out anything mp3-ish without consequence, but once we got emails from bands and artists seeking a space for them to flourish, we started to think legitimately and obey the rules of copyright with a lot more moral standing. Probably the best thing for bands and even record companies is to avoid instantly accusing blogs of wrongful infringement because genuinely we do care about music and as a whole we care about the industry as well.
6. What are you thoughts on the current state of the industry? Are people beginning to understand the power of blogs?
As an amateur observer of the “industry” I think they’re starting to understand some redeeming qualities of blogs on the internet. I mean they have bands now with their own blogs talking about their feelings and what they did in the toilet the other night, so I guess raw unadulterated memes is the way to go. Besides, who wants to read the ramblings of a droid magazine journalist nowadays, I certainly don’t because I shoot from the hip in what I write.
7.  How do you feel the blog has impacted the scene you guys have there?
Here in Auckland it’s more of a ding and a huge dent on the side of car crash because we’re such a small country and at times we do have to watch our Ps and Qs because we’re just so sensitive to opinion. Take me, for example, I’m a huge dance music fan, and I admired the rest of the world’s dance culture. But here, I have to live with non believers of dance music, Djs with egos, so called fans of dance music whose idea of a good remix is anything from Basshunter and let’s not forget the ultimate insult….pretty poor house producers!
8. Who for you is making great music already in 2010?
Everyone is in our opinion whether from the mainstream to the indie scene, if it’s different and unconventional then it’s great in our opinion!