Interview With A Band: Team Robespierre

team.jpgTeam Robespierre are a buoyant Brooklyn band that brings the party every night out.  The band has been a steam engine for press and positive buzz recently so Musformation decided to catch up with them during a break from recording their new album.  Known for their insane live antics and infectious sound, TR has garnered praise from Pitchfork, Spin, Village Voice and Oh My Rockness, among others.  Find out what keeps this band going and what advice they can give you after the jump.  

1. There a million bands in the NYC area.  How important has playing live become in order to separate yourselves and how would you describe Team Robespierre’s live approach? 

We just sort of play how we feel.  Let it all out on stage. Many people have commented on our “wild” live shows…but to us it just seems normal. We wouldn’t want it any other way. 

2. TR did a good bit of touring this year.  What advice can you give bands for staying sane on the road? 

Try to tour as hard as possible… but it really can take a lot out of a band. It’s hard to concentrate on writing new material while on the road (at least for us) and that can be a set back.

3. You guys have been known to play some interesting places (loft parties, above an auto parts store) – how do you think this choice of venues has helped? 

I think it’s good for bands to play a variety of places, especially in NYC. There are so many options and they all draw different crowds, its good to play everywhere that way many dfferent types of people will be exposed to your music. 

4. On the opposite end of things, being in the studio is a whole different animal.  Tell us something you learned from your last recording experience? 

Well the last one we did at home, short and sweet. This time we are in a “real” studio and things are much different and much more time consuming.  As for lessons learned I’m not really sure – ask me when the albums done, haha.

5. In your recordings, TR has some interesting synth sounds.  What is the coolest piece of gear you have come across recently? 

The studio we are working in has a two really awesome Moogs, waaaaaaay too expensive to own but great to use on the album.

6. Getting noticed by good press is another important step for a band.  You guys have some great press clippings.  To what do you attribute that? 

It’s hard to say. I think Impose Records helped a lot with that – also solid PR company. It kinda just comes along as the band progresses. Also, being from NYC helps. 

7. Most people think that when they get signed to any label all their worries are over, but TR seems to have a real DIY ethic – what should bands be concentrating more on (what can bands do better than labels)? 

Well, labels are helpful, but I’d say the most important thing to do is make good music and have a great live show. If these things fall into place you’ll be ok with or without a label. 

8.  What is the biggest misconception in the music industry today? 

That really good music will never be popular.

9. I see the band pays a lot more attention to the Myspace page than even the official website.  What role has social networking played in the band’s success? 

I think these days social networking helps a lot. Personally, if I wanna check out a band I never go to their website, I check out their Myspace.  Tons of really popular bands don’t ever have actual “websites” anymore.

10.  What’s the next step for Team Robespierre (ie how will you further continue take on the world)? 

We are recording a new album right now, probably for a summer release.  Then tons of touring… WATCH OUT!!!