Install A Killswitch On Your Van


More security tips! Having your van stolen can be crippling to your band and tour. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to install a “killswitch” in your van. What is a killswitch? My high school auto shop teacher Mr. Amato described it like this:

“A killswitch is a hidden on/off switch where you cut off the gas line to your car leaving enough gas for a criminal to get your car started and have it stall out a few yards down the road. I like to call mine “Whoah Jack” instead of Lojack, because I come up with a rifle after he gets down the drive way and say “whoooooaaahhh Jack, where you think you’re going????”

Now you may not have the rifle with you, but none the less, this is a great security measure. The killswitch is hidden somewhere in the van to throw the thief for a loop (just like we discussed last time), and grow the potential for them giving up and moving on. They are simple to install and any mechanic can do so for very little money. It is a small price to pay for the level of security it brings to you.

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