Improving Your Rehearsals: Mic The Bass Drum

mic_bass_drum.gifIn our new series Improving Your Rehearsals we will examine numerous
ways to get your more out of your band practice so that your recordings and live shows improve. 

Everybody wants to be screaming loud in band practice which is fine and dandy, but it helps to be able to hear the bass drum.  Sure, I know some of us (especially guitarists) hate it – but it helps if you’re actually playing in time!  Without being able to properly hear the bass drum in practice many bands have a natural tendency to start rushing their songs or get sloppy.  If you have an extra spot in your PA just throw an old mic on the kick.  Then just dial a little EQ (taking out some of the highs) and just give yourself enough volume to hear it in the mix – it doesn’t have to sound like 95 South, just enough to guide the band.