iLike Opens Store To Compete With iTunes And Now They Are Being Bought By Myspace? WTF


Over the weekend while you were all drinking buds out of a can and enjoying the summer heat iLike opened up a music store where you can download songs for $0.89 to $1.29 per song. Now TechCrunch just broke the news that Myspace is putting $20 million into them. Since it it has widely reported iLike is looking to get out of bed with their diseased ridden whore partner TicketMaster this comes as no shock. Some may question getting in to bed with Newscorp (who owns Myspace and the trusty Fox News company) is any better though. While speculation on Friday way this could be a severe blow to Apple’s near monopoly on digital music downloads, the Myspace buyout puts an interesting twist in the game. If you are concerned with how to get your music on the site we will have a detailed article up tomorrow on the subject.

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