Ian Rogers Of TopSpin Media On The Tools He Uses To Manage Get Busy Committee

We love nothing more than when music industry insiders give back to the community and tell the tricks of the trade. Thankfully, one of the most sought after minds in the business has done just that in describing his experience managing a new act on a self-funded label. Ian Rogers of TopSpin Media is now managing the hip-hop act Get Busy Committee and written an extensive post on much of the thinking behind the business end of the project that everyone looking to promote their music should read. If that doesn’t get you want to read it check out this amazing quote:

The first thing we did was define success: as I
mentioned earlier, the goal is to get this music to as many people as
possible, connect directly with the ones who like it, build products
those people want to own, and turn a profit. Sure it would be great to
make enough money that Get Busy Committee could be their primary
income, but we definitely aren’t starting with the “if we don’t get a
song on a radio this is a failure” mentality. We are starting at zero.
The goal is to grow every single week and not lose money. In other
words we’re following Clayton Christesen‘s golden rule of innovation: Be patient for growth, impatient for profit.”

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