I Use It Every Day: Massey De:Esser


Let’s be honest, the Digidesign De-Esser works, but it leaves something to be desired. I have never plunked down the cash for the Waves De-Esser since there isn’t enough Waves plug-ins in a bundle that I actually want, but it definitely works great. I am a big fan of The Sonalksis CQ-1 as a De-Essing tool, but it works much better to rescue poorly recorded tracks as opposed to just a little work to make a well recorded track sound even better. When a vocal sounds great and just needs a little De-Essing help, nothing stays out of the way – while getting the job done – better than The Massey De:Esser. I know I have been drooling over Massey on here lately, but you cannot beat the quality of these plug-ins for the price! I don’t think you can find a better RTAS/TDM De-Esser for $89 or even 4 times that!

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