How To Use Your iPhone As A Metronome In Loud Band Practices And Live Shows

Dr Betotte.png

If you have an iPhone you can have an amazingly versatile Metronome that goes by the name of Dr. Bettote TC. The good doctor has much of the functionality of most high end drum machines including:
  • 5 volume sliders and mute buttons to control quarter, 8th, 16th, triplet and beat note sounds.
  • Tap tempo. 
  • Half time feel. 
  • Adjustable swing feel functions. 
  • Multi beat mode. (you can set up to 16 beats per cycle with the beat sound on any desired beats to create complicated rhythms). 
  • All your settings ,including tempo, can be saved for later recall. 
  • Alarm timer that syncs with the metronome. 
  • Quarter note triplet. 
  • Automatic tempo increment/decrement function. 

This is great, but what about the fact that the iPhone doesn’t have a loud enough headphone amp for most band practices and live shows? Follow me to the jump and I will give you show you what else you need to make this happen.

In order to get your iPhone loud enough to compete with your guitarists insanely loud half stack you are going to need two things:

1. A Headphone Amplifier
We have two recommendations to get your headphone output loud enough to compete with the rest of your band.
Boostaroo will double your sound volume and split it into three separate outputs (probably uneeded but great for the van). For around $20 this is a great cheap way to boost your sound.

E5 Headphoneamp.jpg
E5 Headphone Amplifier

The E5 is a USB chargable Hi-Fi headphone amp. It will boost yur signal in a nice clean Hi-Fi way. This unit cosst about the same as Bosstaroo without the extra headphone outs.

2. Isolation Headphones
You are going to need to block out some sound in order to hear everything clearly. Isolation headphones have extra padding to block out the sound of your drums and the outside world. As we have told you in the past we have two favorite paid of iso headphones. Vic Firth Isolation Headphones clock in at about $50 and Extreme Isolation Headphones clock in around $100. You are paying for a superior durability when purchasing the Extreme pair.

After that simply hook everything up and you should have a loud programmable click track powered by your versatile iPhone.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.