How To Get Your Band Publicity: Feed Them! Part 1


Buzz/Publicity/Press, whatever you want to call it, is essential to getting your band somewhere. But how do you get people to write about your band? Like a hungry animal, many of us writer types – when considering whether to write about a band – take in to account two considerations, substance and availability. However, if we can’t find someting to write about, we may have to move on. Follow me to the jump and I will explain what I mean. 

We all know blogs, news aggregate sites, and reviews help people discover bands everyday. Let’s say a writer has just heard your band and wants to write about it. In a usual instance you are not yet their favorite band of all time but they like what they heard and want to tell the world about you. Do they have anything to tell the world about you? You need to have some information about your band – a story – whether it is a Bio, or even just a recent blog/press release that is easily acessible. Do you find this stuff cheesy? Guess what? After your band has some attention you can make a website with a cloud of mystery, but until the world knows something about your band you have to give them a story. When I say a story, I dont mean how your band got together or all of them members names and what they play. Tell a story we haven’t heard before, something that makes your band unique and there is a much better chance a writer will write about you. In fact many writers are lazy and will literally copy whatever you wrote down, so they can get back to checking Hype Machine. If we can’t find something to write about, what are we supposed to write, “I like this song by Sexy Vampire Tooth “The Magic Is Happening”, they are cool???” Visit sites that are in the business of breaking new bands like Stereogum, Pitchfork, and MissingToof and look at what they’re writing. Even more so, A&R sites like Crazed Hits, Daily Chorus, and Kings of A&R do the same thing and they need something to write about you. Make sure you give us all something to dig their teeth into. Look at these sites and see what gets a writer excited and apply it to your band.

Steady Diet Of Nothing
Let’s say you get a writers attention, and they love you, they want to make it their mission to tell the world about you. How are they going to get updated about you? If they don’t know what you are doing and can’t easily get updates on your band, odds are they are going to move on to another band (believe me, they do this fast, writers have a new favorite band to champion weekly). You need to update them in one of two ways.

Easily Accessible Email List
If you regularly maintain an email list this is one way to get writers up to date with what is going on with your band. Make sure the way to join it can be easily found on every site you have music on. However if you don’t regularly update your email list and routinely forget about it, you better have our next choice readily available. 

RSS Feed
You see that icon on the top of this post? That is how press and news is spread in this day and age. That is the symbol for an RSS Feed. Every site that is not run by a bunch of morons has one. How do you get one of these? Every Blog and Twitter has an RSS feed. If you maintain your Blog/Twitter with relevant information, and not flood it with what you ate for lunch, writers will use it to keep updated on your band. If you abuse it and write stupid crap all day they will unsubscribe and not write about your band anymore. Use it wisely – this could be the key to much more attention for your band. 

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.