How Announcing Your Plans Can Make You A Better Songwriter


If you read any writing on becoming a better songwriter one of the
first things everyone tells you to write a lot of songs to get good at
it. Yet most of us ignore this. I could never get motivated to write
songs for my own musical project because if I didn’t my life was going
to be penalized any way. Sure I was never going to become a better
songwriter and maybe never fulfill my dreams of doing my own project.
Even though I wanted this dream it wasn’t enough to motivate me. I
could never find any consequences that scared me since I was already
pretty artistically satisfied producing a hundred or so songs a year
for other people.

What are your consequences for not writing
more songs? You probably won’t make a living at music or get better at
it? This doesn’t seem to work to motivate most people. Last week, we discussed that we don’t believe in the theory to not announce your plans.
This idea is exactly why we feel this idea is not as effective on musicians.

If you go out tomorrow and tell everyone you know you are going to
release two albums with 12 songs each on them for free, your friends
and fans will hold you accountable. Even if you have a band make these
your solo bonus tracks and give them away to your fans for free and
keep the good ones for your main band. Just write them and record them
yourself. By announcing your intentions people are going to always ask
you about this project, motivating you not to disappoint your friends
and fans. This can be an vague announcement of “I am going to put out a
EP this year.” You need need to set dates, a set song amount, and
publicize the idea to everyone you can so you will be held accountable.
Then keep in mind if you have another band that you are going to need
to write more then those 24 songs since you will need some to keep for
your band. Get to work!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.