How To Market Your Music Using MOG

In the past, we have told you how to market your music on two of the big three social music streaming sites – Rdio and Spotify – which both offer similar way to market your music, but what about MOG? While the service doesn’t have some of the features that Rdio and Spotify do for making personal pages, it does have an incredibly powerful feature set that can spread the word of your music to tons of potential fans in a much different way than the other services do.

First off, if you are looking to get your music on MOG you can get it on using both TuneCore and ReverbNation to aggregate your music to the service. Once it is there, MOG takes care of the rest. On the front page of MOG‘s Dashboard lies some recommendations for you which are first based off musicians you have liked on Facebook. This will show people who have already liked your group that your music is available on the service and hopefully inspire people who may have forgotten about your music to check it out again. This also expose your latest release to a fan who liked your page years ago, but had forgotten about you, reigniting a relationship with a potential fan.

The second cool feature on MOG’s Dashboard is called “Inspired By Your Friends” which will show what your friends on Facebook have liked. In marketing we all know that recommendations from friends has the highest chance of actually getting someone to check out something new. This makes this feature extremely valuable since it can easily spread the word to potential fans without their friends even having to lift a finger. As you can see in the photo above MOG show’s that a bunch of my Facebook friends like some artist on the service. Over the past few months of using MOG I have been finding myself following these recommendations much more than I normally would most others. To me this feature alone is a reason you should make sure your music is on MOG ASAP.

You can also make Playlists that can be linked to the Internet at large. This is as easy making a playlist and then clicking the chain link button or Tweeting and Facebook sharing it from the page you are on. This means you can make a playlist of your discography, your local scene, or even your friend’s bands and link the page on your website or on your social networks. Like Rdio and Spotify you can also link to any album by clicking the above mentioned buttons. This means you can promote your record on your site and give fans a free way to listen to your music on the service by simply link it to fans.

As you can see MOG opens up a world of opportunity for your music, make sure you get your releases on this promising service.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.