How To Get Your Music on Rdio And Use It To Promote Your Music

A few months back, streaming music service Rdio opened up its door to all users to sign up for it’s service for free. If you are unfamiliar, Rdio is a competitor to Spotify and MOG, offering a similar service, but pridieng itself on a more thrilling GUI and alternate pricing plans. With their huge membership bound to get bigger and many social advantages this service is not only a place where you should make sure your music gets uploaded to (ReverbNation is the only aggregate service who I know of that will get you there ((along with MOG and Spotify)), the only way to get your music on the service is to have a big distributor like, IODA, The Orchard, InGrooves or ADA), since there are hundreds of thousands of music fans waiting to discover it there. Once you do get your music on there, it is quite easy to promote it!

In order to get on Rdio all you need to do is visit their homepage and confirm your email address… no credit card or any annoying stuff like that. Make sure you name your account your band’s name since that’s what people will see you as on here. Once you do this, the next step is to find your friends, you can do this on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and a few other services (you can also follow me here). Follow all of these people so they become aware that your exist on Rdio. You can also link your Last.FM, Twitter and Facebook accounts if you want to share what you are listening to from time to time.

Once this is all done, you should fill out your profile, upload a picture and make a playlist of your music. You can also create playlists of all of your music, what you have been listening to, your local scene, all the bands on your label or whatever else you can think of. If you click the down arrows you are able to easily share your playlists or songs with the outside world. If you want to link your artist page, simply click the big link that says “Share This Artist”. If you want to bond with fans and get them to follow you on Rdio to see the playlists you make simply link them to ““.

If you want to be bold and adventurous you can link your artist page, profile or a playlist from your social networks or website’s social buttons. You can can litter the Internet with these in any which way you please, so get to work!


Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

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