How To Get Your Music On Google Music

If you didn’t hear the big explosion in the music business, Google has launched a direct competitor to iTunes and Amazon entitled Google Music. While I can hear the collective groan of Musformation readers, wondering why in the hell we need another service like this, Google Music does offer some cool new features. With a $25 price tag, you can then register with Google Music and begin to offer your music for sale, which will allow you to make a profile, sell merch on YouTube, sell your music on the Google Music service and get 70% of the sales (far better than iTunes or Amazon). A noticeable change compared to other music services is that you can set and change prices on your music and can choose to let people listen to it free of charge(!!!). Google also offers easy sharing on their Google+, Facebook competitor, where fans will be able to stream your song one time for free. This opens up a world of marketing opportunities and ways for fans to spread your music.

Now that we know why you should be on Google Music, here is how to make it happen.

1. First head to Google Music’s DIY Artist Hub.

2. Next you will need to see if your Artist Page is available, if it is you want to sign it up with the Google Account you use for your music (aka not your personal one). It would also be a good idea to use the account that your Google+ Page is set up with since these will most likely get linked in the future.

3. Once this is done, you now have to cough up $25 to register with Google Music. this will allow you to upload as much of your own music as you want and make your profile.

4. Once the price of admission is paid you will end up at your dashboard. This is where you can see reports and see how much money is coming in from the service.

5. This Dashboard is also where you can upload photos, bio information and add your own social networks. This means you can also link your Google+ and YouTube profile. There is also the option to add other websites so you can list your website and where to buy merch.

6. Next, let’s start uploading your catalog. On the main Dashboard click to “Add Music.” You will not be able to do this until your profile is approved. Check back in 24 hours if you are told your profile is still “pending.”

7.You will next be asked to set up your payments through Google Wallet. It’s a pretty easy process.

8. Next, upload your music in just the way you would any digital music service, set a price (including free!) and you are ready to go!



Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.