How To Get Your Music, Merch, Concert Tickets And Info On Beats Music

Beats_Music_LogoToday marked the launch of the long-awaited Beats Music service as a competitor to Spotify, Google and Rdio’s music streaming services. While you may wonder why we need another one of these services, the most exciting parts of the service is how friendly it is to musicians. Using TopSpin’s ArtistLink service you are able to sell merch, concert tickets, music and keep your profile up to date for everyone who listens to your music on the service. Coincidentally, this is the same service that you can use to put your merch on Spotify as well. This means you have all the more reason to get a profile and start promoting your music with this service.


If you want to read more of my thoughts on Beats Music, I wrote up what I think of the service for Property of Zack.

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