How To Find Your Target Audience

Musformation reader Vaudrey wrote in to ask -

“I was wondering what the fastest way to find your optimum target audience (outside of my existing friendship / fanbase) – is there a good market research type platform to narrow your target? It seems easy if you sound similar to someone popular, but if your music spans genres it can be a little harder to find the right audience in the initial stages… Been getting a great deal out of your book! – they should teach this in higher music ed! Regards, Rich.”

I think a lot of finding your target is fiddling around. As described in our book, I think it’s very important to establish a few acts even if they are a wide variety of genres to target. Enter them into Google Alerts, Mention and Feedspot and start to see who is writing about them. It is important that some of them are small and some are large. Search through tags on Bandcamp if need be and you then want to watch what these targets do on every social network. See who is covering them, what blogs are their community, where do they play? Finding all of this and watching these targets everyday will help you find a niche. If you are very unsure of demographics you can also run a Jango Airplay campaign and watch your analytics.

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  • Mark Stone

    I’d just like to say thank you for putting the information out there. It’s empowering to get the confirmation when I’m doing something right and extremely valuable to here from someone who’s walked down the path already which ones to avoid. THANK YOU.