How Can We Help 6/7/13

Wanna get your DIY music promotions questions answered and promote your music?

Do you have questions about promoting your music or building a fanbase? Leave it in the comments and we promise to get back to you or even write a post featuring you that answers your question. If we think your question would benefit our readers we’ll post a YouTube video of your song on top of a post that answers your question. No matter what, you will get an answer this week as long as you leave an email address (so we can let you know when we answer your question) and a YouTube URL for your video.

All we ask in return is that if we answer your question, please help us spread the word about our book, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • BlakeNine

    Already a big fan of your book. Lots of great ideas to build off of and lots of good suggestions to expand your reach. Do you think that email services like Mailchimp or Constant contact are good ways of communicating with an audiance? Or do you think this resembles “spam” too much? There is a “fine line” between promtion and spam through your social networks. The key to not getting filed into the spam filter is to be as creative with your outreach as you possibly can?

    • Get More Fans Book

      Thanks so much! I do think they’re great. Remember it’s not SPAM if your audience signs up to hear more from you. I think they key is to be brief, informative and be their friend. Talk in a language that your fans will enjoy and always offer them a tip on something you are enjoying, link to a blog story they may enjoy, an article you don’t think a fan of your music should miss or even a cat video on YouTube. Write as if you wanted to tell your friend about your music and what you hope they haven’t missed.

      • BlakeNine

        I’m learning that there is a big emphasis on personal relationships. How do you feel about bands hiring PR firms? We did a lot of the PR for our latest release “Shooting in the Dark”. We may have made a mistake by not hiring a PR firm and doing the legwork ourselves. Again, readjusting to the new landscape. Thanks for the feedback.

        • Get More Fans Book

          Hey Blake,

          First off cool video! Here’s the advice we give in our book on this subject. I believe it is included on the free excerpt as well.

          While it helps to start getting press for yourself, there
          comes a time when getting to the next level in the press requires a professional
          who can devote a lot of time to helping you get into bigger outlets. While this
          isn’t cheap, it’s a step nearly every musician takes after a certain level of

          One of the biggest mistakes both Todd and I–as well as many
          other friends–have made is hiring a publicist when we didn’t have enough
          momentum in building a fanbase yet. If you expect to get a huge buzz and lots
          of placements when you haven’t even gotten write-ups on small blogs, nine times
          out of 10 you’re going to end up disappointed. Most publicists can get you some
          easy placements, but they’re best at taking you to the next level. If you’re
          only on level one, it’s not going to be worth it to spend thousands of dollars
          to get you to level two when you could devote a few afternoons to doing it
          yourself. If you have 600 Facebook likes and expect to get the
          coverage that the big indie bands do by throwing a few thousand dollars at the
          problem, you are most likely going to be wishing you had that money back to
          spend it in a more helpful way. Hiring out a publicist is a great way to build
          on top of some good press you’ve already gotten. But if you’re still struggling
          to get any medium-sized blogs to post about you on a regular basis, I suggest
          working hard on your own press for a bit longer. Before you spend lots of money
          that you barely have, I suggest giving your publicist some existing press and
          content to work off of.

          you feel you’ve gotten through to all the bloggers who will talk to you, it’s
          time to hire someone else.

          • BlakeNine

            Jesse, thanks again for taking the time check out our video and to respond. Trust that every time I crack your book open, I have a highlighter and a notepad to accompany me.