How Can We Help? 6/20/13

Wanna get your DIY music promotions questions answered and promote your music?

Do you have questions about promoting your music or building a fanbase? Leave it in the comments and we promise to get back to you or even write a post featuring you that answers your question. If we think your question would benefit our readers we’ll post a YouTube video of your song on top of a post that answers your question. No matter what, you will get an answer this week as long as you leave an email address (so we can let you know when we answer your question) and a YouTube URL for your video.

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  • Ian

    Well, I guess my biggest question is: how would you recommend promoting music that’s really weird and leftfield? It’s one thing to try and convince others to take the time to sit down and listen to something that sounds familiar to them, like a rock band or a folksy singer-songwriter or a club DJ, but trying to get people to take 3 or 4 minutes to listen to something that’s probably going to sound really foreign to them is an entirely different can of worms.

    • Get More Fans Book

      Well the advantage you have on your side is that usually something that’s real weird can be described in an exciting way. So first find an exciting way to describe your music. Second, DEFINITELY try to find a SoundCloud group where you might fit in, theere is one for EVERY style of music and feel free to poke around until you find one that is accepting of you. Third, search out blogs that look for weird in your style. There are so many blogs out there that specialize in the new and unusual stuff, just search out some similar artists (we have a couple articles up on how to do this on the front page right now). If they take a liking to you, they will bring you to their audience that will help spread the word. Last, send your music to the people who love weird that are tastemakers. Stations like WFMU, KCRW and KEXP all love weird music and will play it for all the other people who love weird music. There’s a whole bunch of tips on our book on how to do just this, and I think some of them are even in the free version. Check it out!