Guitar Lesson: You NEED To Know How To Play “Back In Black”


There is a saying that goes “If you can’t play “Back In Black” you shouldn’t be playing”. People tend to take this as hyperbole but this saying has a lot of truth to it. No matter what you think of AC/DC, this song has some great exercises in it, that if mastered make it so you can easily play most rhythm guitar duties. No matter what genre you like, if you can learn the feel and proper techniques to these strums and study the small details in the playing of this song, you will be having an easy time playing a lot of what comes your way. Now many people who have played for years are probably looking at me like this is a worthless exercise.  However, if you watch these videos and look at the small details you may find some small tricks that really show the great expressive playing that make this track sound so great.

Our first video shows the basic fingerings of the song, and some different ways to play it:

After you get this much down this guy who reeeeaaallllyyyy has a vendetta against tablature will show you some of the nuances of the song, he kinda looks like the devil in the freeze frame of Part 2???:

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