Getting The Click Out Of Your Recordings! Part 2

old metro.jpgMusformation has declared this week Click Track Week. Check back
here all week to see many articles about making life with the Click
Track much easier!

If you have decided you aren’t going to listen to yesterdays tip and use Kick Drums as a click in quiet parts of a song. I have another alternative for you. Use automation on the click to turn it down during quiet parts. If the song is done, there is no need to have click track still playing, and if someone hears it click away as the song ends you look like a retard. If the drums take a 4 bar break its very easy to take the click down 6-12 db, cut down on the bleed and your player can still hear it loud and clear! You can even do this by hand, but if you know the song form, its easy to draw these moves in to the automation very quickly.

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