Getting More People To Your Shows: Make Your Flyers Genre Identifiable


Everyone wants to get new fans at their shows. But how do you pull this off if the fans in a city have never heard of you before? One of the easy ways to do this is to take advantage of people’s interests combined with their boredom. Every city has people with nothing to do on a Friday night that want to be a part of something they are interested in. When I was a teenager I love punk music and one of the great things about punk is we made our flyers easily recognizable. Punk flyers had a certain style of art and if I would see this style I would stop and look, even if I knew none of the bands on the flyer I may go to the show to check it out since I knew their would be like minded people (and hopefully girls) at the show.

One of the easy ways to boost your attendance at shows is to either write the genre of music that the bands are or use the type of art that the genre is known for. If you are putting on a Electro/Blog House DJ night using neon colors and flashy laser fonts on your flyer is more expensive and more effort then a simple Helvetica typed card, but will be easily identified by anyone who loves that genre of music. Every genre has a look to the logos and art, by simply making sure all your flyers have this look and getting it around town you can easily pick up a few extra people at your next gig.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.