Getting MIDI From Garageband Woes? Use Ardour!


We have all had it happen. The band has written a MIDI opus inside Garageband and you want to get it from Garageband into Pro Tools to get some real sounds on it. Unfortunately to get MIDI from Garageband you need to have Logic. Even if you have Logic the import sometimes fails. So lame! One way around this madness is to have the band replay it into Ardour. One of the greatest things about the Open Source movement, you are supposed to pay for how much you use it. If the band is using it for one day there is no reason to not make a simple $5 donation, download the software, and then replay the MIDI opus into the software. You can keep both Apps open and solo out each track and replay each idea in one by one. Tedious but better then taking expensive studio to play MIDI parts. This saves them the pains of paying for long studio hours and you the pains of watching them try to recreate it.

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