Geo-Target For Better Show Promotions


We all know that raising awareness for your shows is one of the best ways to get a big turnout. But when you have a national fanbase, annoying your fans about the big local show can be a quick way to get your messages ignored. So, what is the solution to the fact that you want to increase your show turn out without annoying your fans who live nowhere near your upcoming shows? Geo-Targeting! Follow me to the jump and I will explain further.

The first way to use geo-targeting is with your mailing list. Nearly every mailing list provider has a way of targeting fans with in a certain amount of miles of the zipcode of your next show. In order to geo-target accurately it is a good idea to change the mile radius of these promotions with each area. Perfecting this can take time. While 100 miles can work really well in Arkansas, targeting within 100 miles of New Jersey will annoy a heavily populated state who borders on two major cities (NYC and Philly), that don’t have much of a fan overlap for show attendance. Looking at Google Maps and taking some mile measurements can be a smart move, so that you don’t over do it and put in high mile radius and annoy fans who would never attend a show and wonder why you are annoying them.

facebook state.png
Email is not the only way to geo-target, Facebook allows the same feature by clicking the lock button below your status update you can choose, cities and states to target. Like the email geo-targets, it may not be the best idea to target all of California but, typing in a city and it’s surrounding suburbs can do a world of difference for making sure your fans find out about your next show there.

Lastly, you can worry less about annoying your fans with updates, so make sure you tell them a couple of times. Making an announcement a month in advance, a week, then a few days leading up to the show can be huge for making show turn outs increase.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.