Fugazi Show Why It’s Important To Document Your Every Move

In a flurry of sharing on every social network I read – an article popped into my feed numerous times, that one of my favorite bands of all time, Fugazi, announced that on Thursday they will finally begin to launch an archive of over 800 shows the band performed during their existence. Seeing as the group has not released new material in almost a decade this could not have been done without the foresight to document the groups every show. The New York Times article delves into the smarts the group had of at least getting a cassette recording of every show they performed and it shows that when you become a classic group, your audience will have an excited response if you give them an amazing amount of content to chew on. The group will be selling the shows with a suggested donation of $5. Taking the initiative to try to document as much of your groups existence can lead to great thing down the road and one like this, that fans will be thankful for, for decades to come.

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