From The Readers: How To Say No To The Reunion Show

reunion.jpgRecently, we received the following question from one of our faithful readers:

Musformation — how do I tell my old bandmates that I’m not remotely interested in doing a reunion show?  — The Turk

The Turk raises a very good question.  Reunion shows bring up all sorts of emotions.  Some people get all soft and maudlin just thinking about the rocking, good old days of the band.  Maybe you had more hair and less of a gut back then — or maybe you actually got attention from attractive females instead of having to pester frumpy Fran for a date at the water-cooler every day at your depressing office gig. 

On the other hand, some people cringe at the thought of playing some of the songs of their past or feel they have
moved on in some way and don’t have the need to ever revisit the days of yore.  It is perfectly normal that some folks want to preserve the
memory of something special from the past and not cheapen it by having a
reunion to try and re-capture a magic that is perhaps no longer there. 

If you
fall into the latter category, you shouldn’t let other people
pressure you into doing a show you don’t want to do because everyone
else wants to (or finds in financially convenient to reconvene).  While
some reunion shows/recordings are quite fulfilling, most of them are
much more for the band members themselves than for the fans. 

If you don’t want to do a reunion show, it’s important to let the band members know that you are not trying to be manipulative or difficult, but that you want to remember the band in a different way – the way it was, not the way it is now or what someone hope’s it to be in the future.  Like romantic relationships, bands can be good for a certain time period in your life, but you can easily outgrow them — how ridiculous would it be to re-date some of your past girlfriends?  Most of the time, bands break up for a good reason and sometimes there isn’t a good enough reason to get them back together. 

While communication (or lack thereof) is probably what broke up your band in the first place, make sure you clearly communicate the reason that you will NOT be getting back together.  Stand strong Turk, we hope your next band is even better than the last one.