From The Comments: Put A Release Date On It To Get More Reviews

Last week we discussed how far in advance you should send a release out, in order to get print reviews and we received a great bit of advice from commenter Andy Mort:

“This is a really important topic. One of the things that really stuck with me was some advice Tom Robinson from the BBC gave me a couple of years ago. He said when sending stuff out with the hope of getting featured, reviewed, played etc, ALWAYS put a future release date on it. Even if it’s a track from an album that came out a few years ago, just create a new release date for it that means it appears relevant and new today. Publications and radio are not interested in stuff that is old. As soon as the release date passes the work is old as far as they’re concerned. It’s not good but that’s the way it works. It doesn’t mean you always need to be putting out new stuff, it just means you have to create the perception of new. Hope that makes sense.”

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  • Keith

    I once went to a Boston music press event years ago and someone asked this very question. They said if their competitors or a bigger publication hadn’t written about it, it was new to them. So this may not apply to all press. I guess the most definitive answer would come from reading the actual thing and see if they’re writing about anything that didn’t come out recently.