Follow-up To Blog Submissions: Saying Thank You

thank-you.gifIf you’ve been paying attention lately we’ve been talking quite a bit about submitting your music to blogs.  If you’re fortunate enough to have people write about your band in a positive manner, you should certainly make an effort to reach out and thank them.  You’ll probably be quite surprised at how happy some bloggers will be to hear from you.  One of the reasons that people blog is to make connections to the music they love – most bloggers love to hear from the artists that they write about.  Show them enough respect to write them a personal email, but pay attention to their blog and what they write about so that you can send an informed letter.  In addition, making these kinds of personal connections with bloggers will give you a good contact list for the next time you have something to tell the blogs – you’ll have an eager audience who will likely write about your next announcement.  Keep a Google document of first names and email addresses so that upon your next release you’ll be prepared.  If they really seem to like your band, it also doesn’t out of line to offer them some merch like stickers or a free shirt.  Remember: don’t bribe them, just thank them for their kindness.  Having an influential blogger in your corner can be very powerful and never underestimate how some folks might be able to help your band.