Fender Does Not Own The Stratocaster or Telecaster Body Design


Manufacturing is a crazy world. If I had to think of three designs synonymous with three shapes in the music world it would be the Tele, Strat and Les Paul. Their shapes conjure an instant image and design the second you say the name. Even to a novice there is a basic association that happens the second you hear one of these words. Apparently that is not enough for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The lawsuit was brought on by Fender suing Stuart Spector Designs, ESP Guitars, Peavey Electronics, Warmoth
Guitar Products, Schecter Guitar Research, among others. Which makes Fender seem even more lame then they already do for anyone farmiliar with their treatment of Mom and Pop Music Shops.

The main statement concering the ruling is a pretty priceless quote: “The Stratocaster body outline is so common that it is depicted as a generic electric guitar in a dictionary.” Truth! Read the entire ruling here. 

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