Feature Interview: Jack Conte

When you first get to know Jack Conte it is probably because someone has sent you a link that says, “How f*cking cool this video of this guy playing all the instruments and as each one gets added you see him playing and recording it??? OMFG!” You probably watch the video and are left really impressed. Soon after you realize you have the song in your head. You may then go to his Myspace and you see that he is doing everything right in the modern music industry in selling and promoting his music with the latest techniques. One of his really smart ideas is the way he makes an interesting video for every song he does on his own or with his other project, Pomplamoose. He has dozens of videos on his awesome YouTube and each one contains an interesting song as well as a video that shows you how it was made synced up to the parts that are added to the music. After the jump we have embedded a bunch of his videos as well as an MP3 (download or stream) of an interview we recently did. It is an interview you do not want to miss. We discuss the following:

  • How he uses Google Checkout to sell his music and maintain high profitability
  • How having to make a video like the ones he does
  • Many ideas about how to make a living from your music
  • His recording techniques and some of the equipment he uses to make awesome sounds
  • How he buit his following that get him to the top of Digg on a regular basis
  • How his videos are made

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • J Moody

    This interview was insightful.
    Jack Conte is inspirational on many levels…an absolutely fantastic musician and all-around individual.

  • Minshi

    Thanks for taking the time doing the interview on both side. I’ve learned a lot. Keep up the good work Jack!

  • BJ

    Jack Conte is inspiring and smart. Its really awesome to see music is a whole different way. The modern age is growing!