Facebook Is The New Messageboard – Enabling Community Through Facebook Tools

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We all know that when promoting your group creating a community for your fans to congregate in can be one of the biggest ways to pour gasoline on the fire of your promotions. For a long time starting a messageboard was one of the ways to do this, but Facebook is facilitating features that we think will soon make the website messageboard a thing of the past. Follow me to the jump to meet your new community building friends.

At the top of this article you can see a new feature for all Facebook pages that will help you start your community. The Discussions is a built in messageboard to your Facebook page. Here you have a built in messageboard that all of your fans can use if you encourage them to. All you need to do is pull it into view and let your fans do the rest by making them aware of it.

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Facebook groups will take over the world and become your new community. You can now start groups based on you musical interests or your group so that fans can bond. Taking charge of these groups allows you to facilitate and control your community as well as the conversations in it. A powerful way to get fans talking about and around your music which will only help word grow. Start A group today in the left hand bar of your Facebook page. It is simple and can really help what you do take off.

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