Exciting Gmail News And How To Use It To Help You/ Your Band *Update*


We have told you before that you NEED to have a Gmail account. Further confirming this the super whiz kids who read LifeHacker everyday voted in that 80% of them use Gmail, which helps make us feel great about encouraging the use of it since that is like getting the uber-nerd stamp of approval.

Aside from that there were two exciting announcements in Gmail world this week:

  • You can now import your contacts from just about any old email account you have. While it blows many minds that this wasn’t available before, it was only implemented today. Meaning that if you had some crappy email service that didn’t accept import to Gmail and wasn’t supported by many social networks, you can now import these contacts into Gmail and then use it to find people on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, your mailing list, etc.
  • Does not having push email on your iPhone drive you insane? Well, for $.99 you can now have it with GPush. For those of you running your life on the go this could be one of the best dollars you spend all year.
  • Mashable just put up a article about how to spice up your Gmail signature that also has some great idea. Check it!

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