Every YouTube You Wanted To See with Talk Boxes


So Talk Boxes are obviously back in a big way. I have long been a fan ever since I was young and saw Bon Jovi using one in “Living On A Prayer”
. With any trend getting big in the mainstream, YouTubes always follows it. Let’s begin the fun:

Here is “Your Boy Mayhem” (Admittedly I have a lot of reservations about promoting any suburban white kid introducing himself as something as silly as this, but you can get away with anything when your name is Mayhem and you look like this.
Here is a video showing you how to command the talk box with a pretty solid tutorial:

Now Mayhem gets super loose on you and shows you some advanced methods with the Modwheel etc. To quote Vanilla Ice
: “Go White Boy Go White Boy Go!”

Mayhem has now gotten a little more professional and shut his closet door to hide the whole “Mom’s House” vibe and gets a little more tech on you. If you don’t care how this stuff works, this one isn’t a must watch:

Despite my ripping on this dude he commands some serious Daft Punk
skills and then some Roger and Zapp:

Here is YouTube user BhuntJr playing along and making pretty hilarious faces to the tune of Kanye’s butchering of Daft Punks “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”:

Some people say politics is where ugly people who want to be rock stars go to get famous. This video makes the contention that YouTube is where people who like to make funny faces while playing instruments go to show it off. Here Dilliot2k uses his Rocktron Banshee
all over Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”:

My above hypothesis is confirmed by this cover of “Apologize” by One Republic showing that a Talk Box will suck all the emotion out of a song (exactly why Daft Punk’s whole robot thing works so well). It is too late to apologize for this cover, dude!

Lets watch some real pro’s on the talk box:
As usual, Stevie’s Talk Box skills are quite formidable. I might add he is using a Heil Talk box in this while everyone else has been using the Rocktron Banshee

Peter Frampton certainly made the Talk Box famous for usage on the guitar:

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