Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird Treble Booster

screaming_bird.jpgA treble boost is usually the LAST thing that most guitarists need, but regardless, the rumor mill has it that Electro-Harmonix is releasing a nano-sized treble booster called the Screaming Bird.  The original Screaming Bird was made in the 70′s and came in a much different box.  No word yet on how this guy sounds or a release date. We found one site in England that appeared to have it available, but we’re skeptical since the pedal can be found no where else for sale.  You have to hand it to them: while most companies seem to stand still, EH continues to try and innovate.  

  • deanrispler

    I believe this pedal is a copy of the famous (maybe infamous?) treble booster used by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. His early set up was an SG though Laney amps and he would stomp on the treble booster during leads. This pedal could be useful for guitarists who go for really bassy sounds – you can hear this in a lot of stoner rock and doom metal type bands. I am interested in hearing it or at least hearing from someone who has tried/owns it.