EHX Introduces Deluxe Memory Boy and Ring Thing At NAMM ’10

EH_NAMM10.jpgElectro-Harmonix announced two new exciting pedal designs at this year’s NAMM event.  First off, they’ve added another member to their Memory Man line with the Deluxe Memory Boy.  This new edition features a tap tempo option, expression pedal input and five note division for metronomic variance which will give users more sonic flexibility than they’ll know what to do with (and perhaps the most complex delay EH has created to date).  The second offering is the Ring Thing, a new Ring Modulation pedal that features metallic sweeps, pitch shifts and also the option for external control.  Luckily, for anyone who has ever owned a Ring Mod and tried in vain to use it live, this pedal also features presets, which we can only assume are really helpful in getting you grounded.  No videos have been made available yet (all we have are the above photos) but we’ll certainly keep our eyes and ears tuned.