Drum Warm Ups! Stretching! Part 1

Anyone who has ever played drums for more then a few minutes knows that
it is exercise. This being the case many people do not treat it as
such. Just like we learned in gym class: before doing anything
that is considered exercise we need to stretch to avoid cramps and obtain optimal performance. Above are some great stretching exercises that can help you play longer without your wrists/hands hurting. Stretching can also help avoid permanent damage to your wrists from long practice hours. Learn it! Embed disabled so click here!

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  • Davey Wavey

    It is better to stretch once you are warmed up! So stretching is not warming up.
    You warm up by raising your core temperature so that the parts of you that have less blood supply start to get an increase of blood – read tendons and ligaments.
    You can normally tell you are warmed up and ready for action because you will feel warm and be lightly perspiring and be breathing a bit heavier than normal. Walking is the most natural way to get warmed up.
    To warm up on your instrument play lightly at first and with control. As you gain a feel for the technique gradually increase the velocity of your strokes. Simple and far less damaging than stretching your tendons by gripping rigid drumsticks.

  • http://www.trainwithmeonline.com/stretching_exercises.html markping

    It helps to avoid permanent damage to your wrists from long practice hours.
    stretching exercises