Drum Lesson: You NEED To Know How To Play “Back In Black”


“Back In Black” week continues on! We told the guitarists yesterday: “If you can’t play ‘Back In Black’
you shouldn’t be playing”. People tend to take this as hyperbole but
this saying has a lot of truth to it. No matter what you think of AC/DC, you need to be able to play this song in time and with feeling before you are going to be able to play anything else properly. There are subtleties to the performance of this song that even intermediate players overlook. If you know what is good for you, click the jump and watch the fine lesson the most stereo typical looking “drummer d00d” of all time, will show you how to play the song. Once you are done with the lesson put the song on and see what you can find in a very attentive listen to the song.

photo by flickr user zoonabar

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