Dr. Dre, Iovine and Hewlett Packard Will Try To Up Digital Audio Quality Or Get The Fail Whale

dr dreshirt.jpg

The world is sighing is unified “hmph” over the latest attempt to get the world to care about audio quality. An article on Cnet is claiming this odd alliance will try to improve the audio chain from files, to players, to reproduction. With a new study stating that people do or don’t care about audio quality the first task they will have is getting people to care. The second problem is how to do it in a convenient way that is cheap. Even if people do care about hearing the subtleties of their music better it is doubtful that they will pay much for it. We will see if this team of great minds (minus that retard Carly Fiorina who used to run HP) can change the industry and help us to never hear cymbals that sound like gremlins chattering again. Read up!

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