Download Wristbands Done Cheaper!

A few weeks ago we mentioned some download wristbands that CD Baby was selling.
What we weren’t so excited about was the price of the wrist bands (pretty expensive) and the fact that you have to drive traffic to CD Baby when ordering their wrist bands. We decided to do some research and found a much cheaper alternative that is also fairly customizable. offers some very cheap alternatives. Although probably a little less stylized than the ones at CD Baby, the price difference and the ability to direct fans where YOU want seems worth it. I bought some for my band Sensual Harassment and paid less than 30 dollars for 1000 (there is quite a selection to choose from as well). On our recent tour, the bands seem to have worked pretty well and venues seem to have no problem using them. Definitely another great way to get people to walk away from your shows and remember who you are.