Don’t Pigeonhole Your Success With Too Much Planning

pigeonholes.jpgHaving goals and a vision for your band can be a great thing, but sometimes too much micro-planning isn’t good.  Success (which is defined differently for everyone anyway) is never a direct path, meaning no one knows exactly what opportunities you may be presented with and what may be effective for you.  You might be a rock band that has one dancey track you’re unsure about only to discover that it is far and away your best received track.  You might be an uber hipster band that happens to go over well at frat parties – the point is that you never know how you and your material are going to be received.  Take cues from where your success is coming from and follow the path that is working for you, not a pre-defined map you’ve created in your head of how your rise to fame is going to happen.  If something isn’t working for your band, don’t be afraid to try something else – there is no shame in admitting that you tried something you thought was going to work only to discover it wasn’t effective.  Being resilient and adaptable are two of the best things for your band.  If you focus too hard on how you think you should be successful you are sure to miss out on more effective avenues as they are presented to you.